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Find a latex pillow, pillow a dream

Although the pillow market only occupies about 15% of the overall market share of bedding products, the vigorous development of the pillow market is also impressive. In particular, latex pillows have made breakthroughs in category classification and product innovation. Latex pillows and latex household products also Will slowly explode from a phenomenon to truly become the leader of the industry.

Why are latex pillows so attractive? Lingo will explain the profound things in a simple way for you:

Find a latex pillow, pillow a dream (2)

1. The pillow market was once sluggish

Before 2010, for many people, pillows would only choose to buy them at will if they can no longer be used after they have been used for several years. Under such a buying concept, bedding manufacturers have been maintaining a single, monotonous production model. In terms of business, bedding, especially pillow businesses, have been in a long-term decentralized business model with accompanying bedding sales, and they have not worked hard on online design including design.


2. The digital age promotes industry innovation

The current pillow market is currently subdivided into five major markets: 1. Wedding market; 2. 2. Children's pillow market; 3. Gift market; 4. Wholesale sales market, targeting emerging consumer groups; 5. Hotel and special customized market.

People are no longer satisfied with a pillow that has been used for a few years. They need new products and products that meet their health requirements to guarantee their health. At this time, the sudden emergence of latex pillows and latex home furnishing products began to sweep along with the vigorous development of the digital age.


3. What is so special about latex pillows?

There are all kinds of pillows on the market today, but they are not the most suitable ones for consumer centers.

Buckwheat pillows, like natural materials, have a diamond-shaped design that is not fragile. It can change shape as the head moves left and right, but it is easy to breed bacteria and even buckwheat sprouts.

Although chemical fiber pillows are cheap, the materials of chemical fiber are not breathable enough and lack elasticity, so the pillows are prone to be stuffy and different in height. Feather pillows like hotels love to use because of the use of larger down, its fluffiness is better, which can provide better head support, but it is difficult to wash, and the sanitation and height are single, which is not suitable for everyone.

As a natural latex pillow, it is antibacterial, resilient, breathable and comfortable, and has different height designs for different groups of people, making it more convenient to use and meeting individual needs. From a comprehensive comparison, the category and related characteristics of latex pillows help it become the industry product leader in the current digital age.


Fourth, latex pillows are the product of the current trend

People spend one-third of their time in bed. The latex pillow designed in accordance with ergonomics can not only ensure the stretching of the human body's cervical spine, but also improve everyone's sleep quality. It is also good in terms of environmental protection, antibacterial and anti-mite ability.

Coupled with the innovation of latex pillows and pillowcases, the emergence of Tencel Velvet pillowcases, with its soft and comfortable design and the design that can block most of the bacteria and mites from invading, can give people a healthy and peaceful sleep from the source.

Anti-mite beauty latex pillows, shoulder pad latex pillows, and particles/no particles are all subdivisions of latex household products. Needless to say, their characteristics are in line with the needs of most people today, and they are also being updated in the industry. Their characteristics and assistance Sleeping properties are another big reason why latex pillows are full of charm.

Post time: Apr-24-2022