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The composition and function of gel pillow

Gel is a solid in liquid, its special touch is unmatched by other materials, high viscoelasticity and special physical properties, this substance with properties very similar to human skin is even more dubbed “artificial skin” by people. Gel is widely used in the medical field because of its good fit and skin-friendly properties.

As human beings pay more and more attention to the quality of life and physical health, in addition to normal work, diet, entertainment and exercise, people need adequate sleep to restore body functions. Therefore, the quality of sleep is very important to our life. One-third of our life is spent in sleep, and tiring work destroys our bodily functions. In order to better repair our various bodily functions, human beings sleep on slates to now various mattresses, from stone pillows. All kinds of pillows up to now have gel pillows because of people’s continuous pursuit of high-quality sleep tools.

The gel is formed into a gel body with pressure-bearing and flexible resilience, and the gel and the hydrophilic cotton are compounded into a pillow. It has a gentle water-like feeling, which makes us feel like floating on the water surface, and the zero-pressure feeling of the hydrophilic cotton It can naturally fit the curve of the head and neck, and the unique cooling properties of the gel can make the brain relax and create a more lasting and sweet deep sleep, allowing you to have a relaxed brain and a comfortable cervical spine after waking up Energetic.

Post time: Jul-19-2022